Education System

Unlike other schools or educational institutions, Pribadi Bilingual Boarding School applies a bilingual teaching system, devising both Indonesian and English. In its application, the school comes up with a special format for English subjectsthat are taught at Elementary, Junior High, and Senior High levels. In addition, we use Cambridge English Language Assessment’s standards to monitor students’ learning progress.

"The application of this learning model is carried out interactively so that English can be accepted and learned well by all students. This aims to make sure that our graduates are well-prepared to face any challenges that higher education and community have to offer. By mastering International-standardized English, students are expected to develop their knowledge of science and technology in real world. in bahasa"

Character Building

Our goal is to raise individuals who care about humanity, environment, ethics, tolerance, and peace. Also, ones who love their country and culture. This is why we understand the importance of character building.

Guidance Program

The school’s concern to reach out toall of our student has our teachers administer diverse guidance programs outside of school hours. The connection that is built during these activities will encourage students who feel behind to communicate better during the lesson, leading to an improvement in their academic performance. This program will also help students to equip themselves with various interpersonal and soft skills.

Diversitas Mahasiswa

We provide educational service for students coming from various regions in Indonesia or other countries. This cultural diversity raises our awareness of international education standards and has us try our best to implement them in our education system.